Birthday Party Time

Birthdays come every year and every year it seems to sneak up on me and I scramble to get everything sent out, bought, made, baked, cut out and decorated. Phew… I am tired just typing that! I have always wanted to make Birthdays an occasion that my kids remember. An occasion that I made special just for them and just another little way to say how much I love them! This year my son wanted Transformer/Bumble Bee Cake and we just went crazy with it! We found a great  party printable shop on Etsy where you can print out decorations (let me just say- use a paper cutter! If you don’t your hands will hate you the next day.)T003

We searched high and low and finally found a pinta that was Bumble bee/Optimus Prime and instead of buying a ton of plates with characters on them we decided to go with yellow and black for a color theme.  We added Bumble Bee cupcake toppers for accents.  I think it ended up pretty classy for Transformers.T001

Now let me fill you in on the process of decorating the bumble Bee cake, it was slightly stressful and then just plain funny. I started out with two cooled 11 in cakes (whatever flavor you prefer is fine) and dirty iced them both, which is a coating of icing and then you place in fridge. Icing  CakeAfter that I dirty iced two 7 in cakes, then stacked them both. While the cakes were cooling I got my white Wilton fondant and used the Kitchen aid to mix it as I added yellow food coloring, here is where it got stressful. I live 27 miles from any decent grocery store.  I had gone back and forth soo many times  that week  and my gas bill kept getting bigger and bigger. As I  start making the  yellow fondant I  begin to think there might not be enough, and I really really didn’t want to return to town for it. So I just stressed as I rolled out my yellow fondant extra thin and hoped for the best. FondontWhich could have been better but then again it could have been worse too. The fondant cracked and I tried to repair it but I’m not going to lie…it wasn’t  perfect 😦  Bringing my cakes out I covered the stacked cakes with yellow fondant and then placed the smaller ones on top. During this time Sarah had been perfecting our Autobot / Transformer sign with Black fondant (I just bought black very easy) After the sign was done we realized it was too big to be on the side of the cake and would have to be on the large cake, so we realized we would have to cut the small cakes in half. We then placed a Bumble Bee figurine on the top and cut the fondant out around him to make him look like he is bursting from the cake, the sides we covered with black fondant strips and made a border around the bottom to give it a finished look. The cake a a crack in the fondant but it was hard to see so I just let it be.T004 Needless to say a few minutes before the party I opened the cabinet in search of a glass pitcher and discovered a entire box of white fondant. Looks like I did not have to make it so thin but alas it was too late and the outcome was a few laughs. The stress was worth it though and here was the finished look.T002